The applicant Iranians abroad with age higher than 15 can request for National ID Card by two following methods:

1- To approach to the Interest Section of the Islamic Republic of Iran ( Washington DC)

2- By post  

Way of Reference:

By reference to websites of DAFTAR.ORG , applicant can fill out the related forms and send them by post to the given consulate. 

The needed documents

1- To fill out application form for National ID Card specific to Iranians Abroad 

2- A certified copy of first and last pages of ID card (if any remarks) 

3- Two newly taken photos (endorsed) 

The essential recommendations

1- According to procedures, applicant’s photo shall have light color or white background with preferably 3*4 and characterized frame. 

2- Images of ID card shall be preferably colorful and with the same size of ID card frame. 

3- In the case when applicant requests for replacement of ID card for any reason, he/ she shall deliver the primary retired ID card the related consulate. 

4- Lost National ID card form shall be filled out if National ID card had been lost.

5- After issuance of applicants National ID cards, they will be sent to their addresses by the respected consulate and/ or delivered to them if they refer to the given consulate.

Child adoption process to speed up.

According to Iran's Welfare Organization, the country's adoption and foster laws which dated back to some 44 years ago were revised and modified in 2013. Within the new law kids could be adopted up to the age of 16 while the former law states that kids aged 12 or less could be adopted. In addition to families with no child now families with one kid and single women are able to apply for adoption.