The applicant Iranians abroad with age higher than 15 can request for National ID Card by two following methods:

1- To approach to the Interest Section of the Islamic Republic of Iran ( Washington DC)

2- By post  

Way of Reference:

By reference to websites of DAFTAR.ORG , applicant can fill out the related forms and send them by post to the given consulate. 

The needed documents

1- To fill out application form for National ID Card specific to Iranians Abroad 

2- A certified copy of first and last pages of ID card (if any remarks) 

3- Two newly taken photos (endorsed) 

The essential recommendations

1- According to procedures, applicant’s photo shall have light color or white background with preferably 3*4 and characterized frame. 

2- Images of ID card shall be preferably colorful and with the same size of ID card frame. 

3- In the case when applicant requests for replacement of ID card for any reason, he/ she shall deliver the primary retired ID card the related consulate. 

4- Lost National ID card form shall be filled out if National ID card had been lost.

5- After issuance of applicants National ID cards, they will be sent to their addresses by the respected consulate and/ or delivered to them if they refer to the given consulate.