Consulate Services

We help clients obtain their Iranian documents by providing them with expert advice on practices of the Iranian Consulate and assist with legal document preparation. We will eliminate the stress and make sure things are done right the first time.  


Passport Renewal

Is it time to renew your passport? We can prepare all required documents and forms for you. Call us with any questions.



Power of Attorney (POA)

Giving another individual authority over your interests can be uncertain. Our attorneys make sure your interests are protected by drafting the specific POA that is right for your objective. See how we can help.

Birth & Death Certificate 

We will guide you through the process to obtain your Birth Certificate and prepare the required forms. The loss of a loved one can be uncertain and stressful. Let our office handle the paperwork to obtain a Death Certificate.


National ID Card

The National ID Card is the most used document in Iran and required for all Iranian citizens. Are you in need of one? We can help.

Divorce Registration

It is possible to make the divorce process less stressful by handling it out of court. Our experienced attorneys will mediate for you to obtain your divorce and have it registered at the Consulate for validity in Iran. Contact us.