We offer clients full service on all aspects of Iranian law.

-Legal Representation in the United States-


Expert Witness Services

Our office provides expert witness services to clients, attorneys and U.S. courts. Let our expert Iranian attorneys explain the facts of Iranian law to an American judge and help your case involving: 

- Tax Law

- Family Law and Divorce 

-  Probate and Inheritance 

- Real Estate

Legal Consultant Services

We are the leading U.S. - Iran firm. Our Iranian attorneys and Special Legal Consultants (SLC) are recognized by the District of Columbia Bar Association, providing clients with expertise on the Iranian legal system and all aspects of Iranian law. We provide Iranian nationals living around the world with a legal connection to Iran. 

- Family Law

- Property and Confiscation of Property

- Business Law

- Probate an Inheritance

- Retirement  

- Litigation and Trial Practice

Iranian Consulate Services

Our Washington, DC office advises clients on practices of the Iranian Consulate. We will help with document preparation and make it effortless to obtain Iranian documents including. Let us help you get it done right the first time.  

- Passport Renewal

- Birth / Death Certificates

- Divorce Registration 

- Power Of Attorney (POA)

- National ID Card

- Expert Advice